Ashleigh & Adam: Falling in Love at 40,000 Feet

If you heard the story about how Ashleigh and Adam met, you'd swear it was the plot from your favorite rom-com. While on a plane to Thailand for separate boys' and girls' trips, the two bumped into each other. Who knew that the next three weeks spent traveling together would lead to a lifetime of love? After years of friendship following an unconventional meeting, the two would continue their trend of unconventionality into their marriage, taking Ashleigh's last name, Shirley, but adding Adam's late grandfather's name, Spencer to it.

The wedding was very DIY. From hand-painted oyster shells as salt and pepper shakers to personalized canapés, Ashleigh and Adam were a very hands-on couple. 

As far as the styling goes, Ashleigh, who did it all herself, wanted something that was a lot of fun and had tons of greenery and color, in order to reflect the attitudes of the fun-loving couple (their first dance was to Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk").

For her dress she wanted something that was fitted and had a long train, but wasn't too traditional. Her only stipulation was 'no lace,' so instead she used different mesh materials and appliques.

Ashleigh's main piece of advice for future brides is "don't get too caught up in the styling of it all!" On the day of, all that matters is the food, music, ceremony and speeches, so make sure you nail those and the rest will fall in to place.


Concept & Styling: Papermill Media | Venue: Abbotsford Convent | Food: Bursaria | Cake: Cherry Tree Bakehouse | Photographer: Darin Collinson | Makeup: Tre Dallas | Hair: Sarah Caporale | Accessories: Ichu Jewellery | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Finders Keepers