We want to help @mr300sandwiches propose! Don't you?

At Home with Stephanie Smith author of Blog 300 Sandwiches and We all know the lengths us women have gone to get a man...well nothing takes the cake or should I say sandwich than Ms. Sandwich Girl, Stepahnie Smith, the blogger of 300sandwiches.com, a beautifully photographed blog that documents her quest to woo her boyfriend with bread-and-meat creations. 

At Home with Stephanie Smith author of Blog 300 Sandwiches and

At Home with Stephanie Smith author of Blog 300 Sandwiches and

So Eric jokingly said he would propose to girlfriend, Stephanie if she made him 300 sandwiches, Stephanie took the challenge and actually went on a quest to make 300 sandwiches for her man. Now after following this story for sometime a well-fed Eric Schulte is now ready to pop the question and needs help on making a proposal worth all her hard work and love! As an event planner and proposal planner I thought I should share some creative proposal suggestions to Eric. Check some out below:

1.) Make a Video Montage with Family & Friends...And 300 Sandwiches!


The idea of a magical proposal is making it last forever in the persons mind and heart. Thanks to youtube and other video channels we are able to make a moment last until the end of time, just like someones love! I think it would be special for Stephanie to watch Eric recreate all 300 sandwiches she made him by having a video montage of the experience and their closet friends and family telling her 300 reason why Eric wants her to be his wife with a sandwich in hand!

2.) Make Her The Most Unforgettable Sandwich Ever...She deserves it!


Reporters said "It must be true love" when a man stuck an engagement ring into the bun of a chicken sandwich—and the woman accepted the proposal. Well I think Eric should take a que from this guy and pop the question with a ring in a sandwich! Not just any average sandwich, but one that will give Stephanie butterflies especially since she made all those sandwiches to get him to propose. I would do a couple things different; In the photo above, the sandwich and accompanying engagement ring seems boring, no thought went into it. Dont just stick a ring in a sandwich be creative in your approach. Secondly you can tell it wasn't a homemade sandwich and from a fast food restaurant so I would say Eric should make it a bit more classy and make it at home and pull out all the stops and make her feel like a Queen. Make her favorite sandwich and place the ring and ask her to marry you before she makes you another 300 sandwiches!

3.) Write Her A Recipe of Your Love 


Girls love when their men tell them "I love you". Well Eric tell Stepanie all the reasons why you love her and write them down with all your favorite things that make up Stephanie, like a sandwich. Is it her big heart, her gorgeous smile or the fact that she can cook? Whatever it is right it down and make it into a cute recipe and give it to her in a frame, a scroll, a canvas or some romantic special way so she can keep it forever. The recipe can also have a frame-by-frame comic style picture of you two leading up to the proposal.

Get brownie points by adding friends, family and live musicians to come out and start playing a love song dedicated to her. She will definitely be surprised. Plus who doesn't love the excitement and thrill a flash mob brings to any occasion, especially an engagement proposal.

Eric if you need anymore help let Favored by Yodit Events Help! we love Proposal Planning & Sandwiches :)