VIDEO: In my Christmas Jammies!!

Christmas jammies In the age of viral videos, the Holderness Family decided to one up all of our typical family portraits and put together a Christmas Card Video. In the video, Dad and Mom rap about all of their family accomplishments to Will Smith’s Miami. This may be my favorite Christmas video of the year and I may or may not be planning to do this next year with my friends lol. See the full video below. Enjoy!!

WestJet Gets in the Christmas Spirit!

westjet WestJet Airlines may be my new favorite company! On Monday, the Canadian Airline released a video of them setting up a box with an electronic santa. One by one travelers stepped up to the box and gave their wishes to santa before boarding a plane. Once they got to thier destination, they all received a big surprise at baggage claim. See how WestJet spread the Christmas spirit to thier customers after the break.

This is what I love about Christmas! Its so nice to see a Company organize such a selfless act. Good for them!