Pay it Forward: 911 Operator Saves the Day for Bride

What a feel good story! When I heard this story on the radio this morning, I knew I had to share it with our Favored readers. A Washington state bride-to-be whose wedding dress was stolen the day of the ceremony found a fairy godmother of sorts in an unlikely way: by calling 911.

The News Tribune of Tacoma reports the bride-to-be called after her wedding dress was stolen out of her car near her home. The 911 operator who answered the call tells the paper that she took down the woman’s information as usual, but was touched by her story. “I finally figured out what was going on, and asked when the ceremony was scheduled,” Candice, who only wanted to give her first name, told The News Tribune. “When she said ‘today,’ my heart broke in two for her.” When she got off the phone, Candice asked her supervisor if she could offer her dress, which she wore in her own wedding just 18 months prior, to the bride.

“All through the call I was thinking, ‘I have a dress ...’” she said. With her supervisor’s approval, Candice got hold of the police officer who responded to the scene and texted the officer a picture of her dress to show the bride.

The bride said she believed it would fit her, so Candice and her husband went to her parents’ house, retrieved the dress, and dropped it off at the bride’s fiancé’s home. She tells the paper the bride wore the dress and texted her the next day to tell her the wedding went off without a hitch. “Candice is an extraordinary person,” her manager Vonnie Mayer tells The News Tribune. “She had something someone else needed, and she made it happen.”

Candice says she does not want the attention focused on her, and that she believes God made the situation possible. “God does awesome things, and this woman, whose wedding day might have been ruined, had her special day, after all,” she said.




Joel + Clarissa’s Engagement Photos: A #DMV Love Story


There's a saying "You know real love when you see it" and since the day I met Joel and Clarissa for the first time together at the Tasting Room at the National Harbor I knew they had something special.


A couple of months ago Clarissa reached out to me for wedding planning services and I immediately told her I would love to help! After our initial vision session, multiple phone and email conversations I knew she was a "Girl's Girl" like me and this was not only going to be a memorable experience for the bride-to-be, but for me too!


Since their wedding theme is a surprise to guest, I cant indulge in any details, but I can say it will be gorgeous!  And I'm very pleased to be able to share these amazing engagement photos taken by the renowned Rodney Bailey Photography! They are one of the finest wedding photographers in Washington D.C. with a pure passion for the art of photojournalism and I cant wait to work with them on the couple's wedding day.

Clarissa_Joel139Favored by Yodit Events is so happy to be assisting with the planning of their wedding which is scheduled for October 2013. Nothing makes our team happier than to work with people in love and being able to be apart of such a memorable time of their lives. Thank you Clarissa and Joel and continued blessings to you and yours!

#Favored Facts:

Clarissa adores her family, her soon-to-be hubby (Joel) and nice things!

Joel is laid back and will do anything to make Clarissa happy, a great quality to have in a partner.

Photo Credit: Rodney Bailey 

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DC Wedding Trends: Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossoms

Today, March 27th marks the 101 anniversary of our beautiful DC Cherry Blossoms! In 1912 Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo City gifted the trees to celebrate the friendship between the United States and Japan. Now the trees have become a staple in DC culture and are celebrated yearly with the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

When the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom they make a perfect backdrop for engagement photos and weddings. Many natives and lovers of the Nations Capital are taking advantage of this trend by adding the flowers in many different creative ways. Unsure how you can add the flowers to your wedding or event?

cherry blossoms

Add the Cherry Blooms to your stationary, on the alter, or on the tables as centerpieces!

cherry blossoms

Not sure where to take your wedding photos? How about right under the cherry blossoms! The are perfect and add a nice subtle touch.


Add Cherry Blossoms to your cake to tie everything in! The perfect ending to a DC Wedding.