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Favored Friday Spotlight: Great Gatsby Inspired Save The Date for the #BossWedding

  Boss Wedding                                            Watch Bambo + Janice Epic Wedding Trailer Here!

When I first heard Bambo and Janice story I completely loved how over the top these two were! The director reports that they were so open to ideas and excited about creating something that seemed impossible…

Some things you will see through out the trailer: They love Jay-Z. They love the trailer for The Great Gatsby. They have huge parties every year that they are know for throwing amongst their friends. They love to surprise people. They are more willing than most people that we know to step outside of their comfort zone in order to be creative!!! The keyword for this project was EPIC.

A little about Major Diamond Production...for the majority of the shooting it was just a crew of two.. Husband and wife team, Chris and Jennifer Mae. For the Club Scene. Jennifer Mae and Chris were able to shoot at Monroe in San Francisco.  The crew also reports that Janice and Bambo were incredibly dedicated and made it so much fun to create such a unique project together.

I love how Bambo and Janice wanted to create an experience for their guests leading up to their event. As a wedding planner and been through the process of planning lots of weddings, I know how difficult it is to do something different than everyone else so kudos to them for pulling it off!

Hope you can get some inspiration and enjoy their Epic Wedding Save the Date.

Source: Video credit: Major Diamond Productions

Real Wedding: A Zimbabwean Safari Wedding


Zimbabwean Wedding 6

We have definitely seen an increase trend in couples from across the globe opting to tie the knot in a picturesque country, like Africa. But when I came across this gorgeous Zimbabwe Safari wedding, I see why this landscape, the people and the variety of stunning cultural aspects make it such a great place to get married. Corey and Lynette Perkins flew all the way to Zimbabwe from the United States for their wedding. It was the first time Lynette had been back in her home country in four years and the first time the groom had met her family.

Zimbabwean Wedding 9

Yes they even had a cute special guest :) How cool is this photo with an elephant?

Zimbabwean Wedding 16

Zimbabwean Wedding 17

Zimbabwean Wedding 18

Zimbabwean Wedding 1

The groom is American and even though he hadn’t met his in-laws before, they seem to have gotten along great.

Zimbabwean Wedding 4

The beautiful bridal party jumping for joy!

Zimbabwean Wedding 2 Zimbabwean Wedding 3

Love the wooden fram shots the photographer incorporated in their wedding photography. Great & low cost!

Zimbabwean Wedding 5

Love the colors of the bridesmaids traditional Zimbabwean dresses. The patterns, tangerine & lime green really pop!

Zimbabwean Wedding 7

The sweetest part of this couples lovely wedding story is before their wedding day, the couple spent time building a safe-house for young girls suffering from abuse. 

Zimbabwean Wedding 10 Zimbabwean Wedding 11 Zimbabwean Wedding 12 Zimbabwean Wedding 13 Zimbabwean Wedding 14

Ceremony setup right under a symbolic tree! Very simple but so classic.Zimbabwean Wedding 15

When choosing a location for a destination wedding, many couples choose tropical islands as an easy and low cost option, but why not go for a gorgeous country like Zimbabwe, Senegal, South Africa or Ethiopia since there are an abundance of stunning locations to choose from. Love how this couple incorporated traditional dancers at their wedding.

Zimbabwean Wedding 8

Zimbabwean Wedding 19

The couple also honeymooned at beautiful Victoria Falls.

Overall from these gorgeous photos from Corey & Lynette we see that Zimbabwe is truly a remarkable destination, set apart from other international weddings locations due to the warm hospitable nature of the people and meticulous attention to detail and amazing scenic views. Congrats to them for staying true to themselves and having a beautiful love!