Los Angeles Bride Shoots Amazing Music Video Instead of Bachelorette Party


Lauren Mackenzie decided to ditch the traditional bachelorette party and instead invited her guest to shoot a fun music video with her! Participants learned choreographed moves and danced to the tunes of Beyonce and Kesha. I absolutely this idea! Such a creative way to celebrate and incorporate all age groups. Even grandma got to make a cameo!

Real Engagement​: Janira and Kwame


July is a peak season for weddings and engagements so Im excited to share a new Real Engagement Story from two love birds that flew into my heart a couple of months ago. Being from the area I'm used to working with lots of friends from school, work and just seeing people around the area at events and today's featured couple is no different. I have known and worked with the soon to be groom, Kwame for many years through special events  with his company J&K Productions and mine, TALK OF DC in the past and always admired how calm and collected he was under pressure. So I was elated when he asked to assist  his fiance, Janira and him on planning their 2015 wedding here in the D.C. area.

Working with them has been similar to how I remember Kwame in the past, very easy going, fun and organized. They trully are a great team and have each others back no matter what which is so important in marriage and I couldnt be more happy to see a friend so truly in love. Since the couple is based in Texas, we have utilized lots of email and phone calls to go over much of the wedding details for decor, vendors, venues, etc. So I'm excited to have our first couples meeting in the next few months when they visit the area to meet with possible vendors.

Below is a snippet of the submission that Kwame sent to Amber Studios for an Engagement Photoshoot Contest, that the couple actually won thanks to all their friends and family voting on social media! His sweet words were definitely deserving for the picture contest. Enjoy!


Engagement Story:

Praise The Lord she said “YES!”

"My morning began after a restless night of tossing and turning in anticipation for the day to come. I couldn’t stop thinking about how my best friend, Janira Teague, is truly the love of my life. I was also very concerned about every detail of the proposal I was about to deliver later that day. I just wanted everything to be perfect. So, I went to the restaurant, CoCo Sala to put my plan in action. Coco Sala, is where we had our very first date and a where Janira mentioned she wanted to one day get married. Not in the restaurant of course, but up on their beautiful rooftop overlooking the Nation's Capital.

On that rooftop the restaurant’s manager helped me decorate the space with a single table, candle, 2 glasses of champagne, my sweethearts favorite sweet… a red velvet Georgetown Cupcake and 22 pink roses. The flowers represent her favorite color and the number of months we dated, 22. A few hours later, Janira and I enjoyed a wonderful date night at the Coco Sala Restaurant. She had no clue about the proposal, but after dinner she asked me if I thought the manager would let us check out there rooftop venue. Of course he said yes and I took her up to the stars to begin the rest of our life together.

Just thinking about that day makes me realize how lucky I am to have found my soul mate. God blessed me when he brought Janira into my life and he continues to strengthen our relationship every day. My beautiful fiancé brings out the best in me, helps me to be a better person.

Now I would love to show the world how wonderful her spirit  shines from the inside out and I’m confident that “The Amber Studio” photography will beautifully capture that essence.


The Happiest Man On Earth

-AKA- Kwame White




 Check out Amber Knowles with The Amber Studios here.








#WeddingWednesday Real Engagements: City Love- De'Shon and Alisha

jenkins1 How They Met:

Alisha and De’Shon first met in the summer of 2010 after a chance encounter with a mutual friend. Love did not spark then, but a year later, fate reunited the two and they began dating. Late last year, they welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Abigail into the world.


The Proposal:

During the Christmas break, Alisha and De’Shon decided to take their beautiful daughter to Chicago, where Alisha is from, to celebrate her first Christmas. After a chat with Alisha’s mom, about the Willis Tower, formerly the Sears Tower, and some research De’Shon knew The Skydeck would be the perfect location for the proposal. “The Skydeck sits on the 103rd floor of the 1,450 foot building and it extends over the street in a glass box that allows you to see directly under you to the street. The view as the city lit up was simply amazing and I couldn't think of a better place to propose with a better view, overlooking the very place she was born and raised”, says De’Shon.

“Her family was unaware of the proposal, other than her father. So to pull it off we had to be very sneaky. From sliding past security at the bottom floor without her seeing the ring on the scanning screen, thanks to their help, to the photographers being prepared to catch the precious moment. Before we stepped in the glass box, I notified one of the photographers of my plan. We all got in the box to take a family photo with her parents and siblings, and then we took a family photo with just us and our daughter. I told her I wanted to take a photo with just me and her. So after she handed our daughter to her mother and I handed my phone to her father for him to record, I got down on one knee as we prepared to take our photo and pulled the ring out asking her to marry me. After tears from her, her family, and many of the tourists waiting to take their photos she said yes!”


The Ring:

The engagement ring was designed by GS Laboratories and features a natural diamond radiant cut surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds. De’Shon chose this particular ring because, “I feel as if she's special, so she deserved something special and not common. I also don't know much about jewelry other than authenticity and appearance. The ring stuck out to me in the beginning and something about it just looked like it would be perfect on her finger. A wedding band wasn't created specifically for the ring, so when the jeweler showed me how it could be accented with a band on each side, giving it the look as if it was one ring with a custom design, I was sold.”

Congratulations to the happy couple! We at favored wish them a lifetime of love and blessings! If you need a wedding planner, we would love to assist you in planning your big day!!