#FavoredFriday Celebrate the Holidays With Ethiopian Inspired Holiday Cards by Designer Maro Haile

Desta Holiday Cards  







This holiday season get creative & cultured with your greeting cards and gifts with Deseta!

Deseta, a new collection of multicultral cards, tote bags, and more is spreading the love this holiday season.     Deseta [deh-seh-ta]: a noun meaning happiness; how you feel when something puts a smile on your face. from Amharic, one of the many languages spoken in Ethiopia. also spelled/pronounced desta.

As an event planner and "go to girl" for entertaining, Im always looking for new vendors to utilize for my clients and myself so when I came across Designer, Mariam-Sena (Maro) Haile, a Brooklyn-based artist and owner of the e-commerce website Deseta.net, I knew I had to share her amazing work with others.

Desta Tis the Season






Ethiopian girl singing a christmas carol, tis almost the season!

In an interview with TADIAS, Mariam tells us a little bit of her background being born in Addis Ababa and growing up in Minnesota before settling in New York City in 2000. “I was born in Ethiopia, raised in a tiny town in the Midwest, and now have Brooklyn planted deep in my heart,” she said. “My target market ranges from shoppers who appreciate the unique, non-traditional aesthetic found in gift shops and boutiques to young families and friends of young families looking for printed accessories for their children.” Maro’s aim is to reach as diverse an audience as her background.

Check out some more of her designs below:











Pink afro angel wearing lipstick and mascara logo.

Desta Valentines Day


Melkam Addis Amet























Some of the other holiday cards are this "Cupid's Arrow" for Valentines Day and "Melkam Addis Amet" for Ethiopian New Years!

Adam & Eve












This modern Adam & Eve card is hilarious and riske for Ethiopian cultural! Love it!

Like what you see? You can learn more and purchase Deseta products at www.deseta.net, or on Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/deseta and follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/desetaArtAndDesign.