Give Your Wedding Toast a Makeover: The Best Man & Maid of Honor Speech Guide

image Being asked to speak at a wedding is an extreme honor; although, soon after the panic usually starts to kick in. Just remember you were asked to speak for a reason. Follow the guide below and breeze through your toast. image222222 1. Keep it short and sweet They are called toasts not speeches. No one likes to be held captive listening to your thoughts on life and love, especially after their third drink in.

2. Know your strengths Not everyone is funny, and that’s okay. Your toast to the happy couple is not meant to be a stand-up comedy punch line. It is your opportunity to wish them well in front of all of the people they love. If you feel like the joke isn’t going anywhere, ditch the toast for something more charming and sentimental.

3. Avoid blasts from the past Sometimes the past is better left exactly where it is. We understand that you and the groom or bride knew each other way back when and know all their dirty secrets but please don’t expose them. So, if you want to your friendship to last past your 4 minute toast focus on the happy times you have shared with the bride or groom and what lies ahead for them.

4. Remember who the wedding is about Their big day is not about YOU so focus on the happy couple

5. Remember this is a happy occasion Not your dissertation, so make sure you smile and speak from the heart. Whatever you do, do not stand and read your toast from the napkin you wrote down your toast last minute or your phone.

6. Remember you are “toasting” at the end Make sure you have a drink in hand and at the end ask everyone to raise his or her glass for the happy couple. Cheers!