Tips for a Delicious Vegetarian Thanksgiving

a_vegetarian_thanksgiving_menu There has never been a better time to host a meatless Thanksgiving: The huge variety of vegetables and grains available at farmers' markets and specialty food shops is staggering, making it easy to create an incredible vegetarian meal. For the best meat-free holiday feast, follow these smart tips. One of the best: Skip the fake turkey. Instead center the meal around a hearty vegetable dish like this baked acorn squash stuffed with chestnuts, apples and leeks (below). Here, more satisfying and indulgent vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes Source:

Thanksgiving Vegetables

From green bean casserole to brussels sprouts with chestnuts and bacon, here are fabulous Thanksgiving vegetable recipes.













Thanksgiving Greens Recipes

From classic creamed spinach to crispy baked kale with Gruyère cheese, here are superb greens recipes for Thanksgiving.













Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts

From moist banana cake to chocolate and pistachio biscotti, here are delicious and healthy Thanksgiving desserts.

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