Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Bohnhoff and Kent Edible Art Handbags!

Bohnhoff and Kent Chocolate Handbag This Valentine's Day think outside the box and give the gift of fashion with a unique edible art handbag! Over Christmas, I recieved one of these tasty pieces of art and thought it would be such a great idea for my favorite chocolate holiday!

Bohnhoff and Kent combines chocolate and fashion with unique edible art near LA. B&K chocolate and cake handbags are filled with delicious cake centers bathed in rich chocolate casings, smooth truffle ganaches, fleur de sel caramel, delicious nut brittles and other natural ingredients.

B&K chocolate and cake handbags use blended flavors in masterful recipes to create one-of-a-kind candied sculptures. Each chocolate handbag is hand-painted with edible ingredients to imitate the glossy surfaces, subtle colors and distinct details of contemporary designs. Bohnhoff and Kent’s dessert chefs do not use fondant and use only the finest concoctions of cake, chocolate and ganaches to finish the designs so each luxury gift is as delicious as it is appealing.

B&K desserts near Los Angeles are shipped fresh, so every piece stays rich and moist. Order a chocolate and cake handbag for the perfect Valentine's day gift or as your next corporate gift, dinner centerpiece, wedding present or other occasion. See some of their stylish designs below.

Bohnhoff and Kent Chocolate Handbag