Moms Best Friend

Mothers Day is only five days away! I hope you have something special planned for all the mamas in your life. We are starting the celebration early here at Favored by Yodit Events. What did we get you you ask? Only every mothers wish, a babysitter! You may not have know this, but dogs make some of the best babysitters. Just checkout some of these pictures of the doggies on duty! Image.1397980736595 Image.1397980736596 Image.1397980736603 Image.1397980736599 Image.1397980736600 Image.1397980736602Image.1397980736604 Image.1397980736606 Image.1397980736607 Image.1397980736610 Image.1397980736611 Image.1397980736613 Image.1397980736614 Image.1397980736615 Image.1397980736618 Image.1397980736617 Image.1397980736620Image.1397980736621 Image.1397980736622 Image.1397980736624 Image.1397980736625 Image.1397980736626 Image.1397980736628