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#WeddingWednesday Cake Trends 2016

Berry Hue Cake  

Choosing your cake design is probably one of the most enjoyable tasks on your to do list. Probably because of the many cake tasting visits. As a caker, I would be shamed if I didn't share with you this year's cake trends! The world of cake has gone into new directions in cake design but has also gone back to a few classic traditions...a little something old and little something new! Here's a few of my top picks from The Knot's 15 Hot Wedding Cake Trends.

Metallic Cakes

The best part about metallics? They can adapt to any style; delicate embroidery in gold feels opulent while geometric shapes give off a fresh, modern feel. If an entire tier is too much glitz for you, consider adding a little sparkle all over. Fine edible glitter (think: pixie dust) can add a decorative sheen to your cake without overpowering the whole design. Gold leaf can also be added to give a touch of glam here and there on the cake.

Buttercream Cakes

Move over fondant, brides are starting to ask for more traditional cakes with a buttercream finish. "We get lots of requests for rustic iced buttercream layers with flecks of vanilla bean in the icing or textured piping that looks and tastes delicious, but isn't perfect," says Mary Maher of Cakegirls in Chicago. If you're going for a homespun, relaxed vibe, ask your baker to smother your wedding cake in delicious buttercream frosting. For the more polished version, opt for buttercream with a pleated, smooth finish.

View More: http://oncelikeaspark.pass.us/jordan--james--wedding

Naked Cakes

Yep, you read that right. With the deconstructed cake, you get to show off the inside. For a summertime wedding, berries work well; in winter and fall, ask your baker to fill the layers with seasonal fruits, like apples, pears, persimmons or even blood oranges. Not only are these cakes simple and effortless but also practical if you aren't a fan of a lot of icing. Naked cakes are perfect for rustic styled weddings.

Wedding Cake Trio and Quintet Tables

Inspired by dessert tables; cake trios, quartets and quintet tables come with a couple big benefits. Having more than one cake also makes it very easy to choose multiple cake flavors (so you don't have to decide between traditional vanilla, decadent chocolate or carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting). "Guests love to have a mini-bite of lots of different desserts," says Melody Brandon of Sweet and Saucy Shop in Newport, California. Give guests choices, but don't overwhelm them. "I recommend between two to four mini-desserts per person," says Brandon. "Try not to choose more than eight options of desserts—too many choices can overwhelm your guests."



Painted Cakes

Marbleized cakes, stained-glass painted cakes, watercolor cakes and even Monet-inspired wedding cake designs. Pair those hand-painted tiers with solid-colored layers or even simple flower accents; like the one featured here. Quick tip: For a cake design that's so intricate, keep the tiers simple and stick to all one shape (either all classic round tiers or all square).

Illustrated Cakes

Did you know you can actually have anything you want printed onto your cake? It's true. Pick anything you like -- from the design on your invites to the quote from your first-dance song or even your wedding motif, like a bicycle, oak tree, or anemone flowers – to have showcased onto your cake tiers. First, the cake gets covered in fondant, then the design is hand-painted on the cake or printed on top sugar paper with edible ink.

More styles featured:

  • Ruffled Cake
  • Monogrammed Cake
  • White on White Cake
  • Lace Cake
  • Woodland Whimsical Cake
  • Geometric Shapes Cake
  • Rosette Cake
  • Sugar Flower Bouquet  Cake
  • Ombre Wedding Cake

Seven Wedding Details Not to Share Before Your Big Day

Tiffany & Keith's October Wedding | Emerald & Gold wedding | Josephine Butler Park Center Washington, DC | Favored by Yodit Events | Wedding Coordination | DC Wedding | Black Bride | Bridal Party Photography by Danielle Real You’re probably bursting with excitement over your upcoming wedding – and want to shout your plans from the rooftops! But take our advice – hold back. Of course, it’s okay to share some of your wedding details with your nearest and dearest but there should be an element of surprise on your big day, especially when it comes to these things.

The Dress and Attire We’re telling you now: Everyone will want to see a picture of what you’re planning on wearing. But we recommend keeping your attire a secret from the majority of your guests until the big day. You want the gasps of delight when you first walk down the aisle to be genuine, and you never know – some Debbie Downer might say something negative about your ensemble before the big day that may make you doubt your decision.

Hair and Makeup Choices “How are you wearing your hair?” is a common question, and like your dress, there’s no need to tell everyone about your intended hairstyle or makeup choices. Everyone will likely have an opinion about how you should look on your wedding day – but in the end, it’s up to you (with the help of your hair stylist and makeup artist) to decide.  Simply say “I haven’t figured it out yet” to change the subject.

Color Scheme and Decor Again with the element of surprise. You don’t want your guests to walk into your wedding and know exactly what the room is going to look like beforehand – a little anticipation is much more fun. There’s no reason you need to tell them every detail about your décor in advance, and if they press you for answers, just say “We want you to be surprised!”

First Dance Song Your first dance song is a very personal choice, and not all of your guests will “get it.” But that doesn’t matter. Even if you’re picking a more traditional song, there’s no need to share it in advance with everyone. You may pick up some unwanted comments or even criticism (“Oh really? That’s a weird choice.”) – and who needs that? 

Guest List Details Try to avoid divulging too much information about your wedding guest list to others. You may get a lot of questions about why certain people were or weren’t invited, and it can turn into a sticky situation. Of course, your close family members should be aware of the invite list, but there’s no need to take it too far beyond that. And related to that, it’s best to keep the reception seating arrangements private as well!

The Favors Think of your wedding favors as a gift to your guests – and most of the time, you don’t tell people about gifts (whether it’s birthday, holiday, whatever) in advance.  So any favors or giveaways should be kept private, except for anyone who is helping to assemble or purchase your favors.

The Surprises Whether you’re doing a fun sparkler sendoff, having a photobooth, or you and your dad are performing a wacky dance together, don’t ruin your wedding-day surprises by spilling the beans! Even if you just tell one person (and swear them to secrecy), you run the risk of your entire guest list finding out about that thing that’s going to make your wedding totally unique. So keep any surprise wedding elements to yourself (and your future spouse and wedding planner, of course!).

Source: Wedding Wire.com

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Once-in-a-Lifetime Wedding Dresses on Sale!

TradesyThats right ladies, you can get that dream dress for just a fraction of the price! Tradesy.com, an online consignment store is having is having a huge sale on wedding gowns. Shop Editor's Picks and save on unique wedding dresses. Selection includes designer names like Oscar De La Renta, Vera Wang, and Jenny Packham. Dont let this deal pass you by!

Six Ways to Plan Your Wedding from Your Phone!

phone wedding Back in the day, wedding planning meant cutting images from magazines, lugging giant, overstuffed binders from appointment to appointment, and handwriting guest lists and seating charts. Fortunately, those days are far behind us, and truthfully, the only thing you need to plan your wedding is right in your pocket or purse – your phone! Check out six ways you can use your mobile device to complete wedding-related tasks!

Start a Checklist The first step of wedding planning is figuring out what you actually have to do. It may seem overwhelming at first, but a streamlined checklist that’s accessible from your phone can help you take things step-by-step. That way, as soon as you accomplish a wedding-related task, whether at home or while out and about, you can check it off your list. And there’s really no feeling more satisfying than that, right?

Manage Your Budget Figuring out your budget might not be the most fun part of wedding planning, but it sure is important! The Budget Tool on the (free!) WeddingWire app not only divides your total budget up for you so you’ll know how much you can spend on each vendor, but also helps track your spending and set up payment schedules. And if you pay a vendor or make a wedding-related purchase while you’re on the go, you can input the payment into your budget tool right from your phone so you can keep your budget on track no matter where you are.

Find Your Vendors Selecting the people who will help put your wedding together is a crucial part of the planning process. Fortunately, the WedTeam app allows you to search for, compare, and contact wedding vendors no matter where you are.

Update Your Guest List It happens to all of us. You’re running errands when you run into a friend, and immediately think: “Oh shoot, I totally need to invite her to the wedding!” Before you forget, hop on the WeddingWire app to add your pal to your Guest List. You can also add guests’ addresses, RSVP info, and more while on the go.

Get Instant Feedback Yup, it’s true - you can crowdsource your wedding style decisions! If you’re having trouble picking between two different dress/bouquet/invitation styles, snap photos of each, upload them to the free WedStyle app, and get instant feedback from the wedding community to help you make the right choice.

Share Info With Your Guests There’s a lot of information that your guests need to keep straight – the date and time of your wedding, where it is, how to get there, where you’re registered, and all the rest. Once you create your free wedding website on WeddingWire, your guests can download the free WedSocial app so they can access your wedding details on their phones. And, they can easily share their photos from your big day with you!

Source: Weddingwire.com

You're Invited: Alexandria's Destination Bridal Showcase

Get ready Virginia brides! This Sunday is Alexandria's Destination Fall Bridal Showcase! Come checkout a variety of local vendors. Click here for ticket information.


Los Angeles Bride Shoots Amazing Music Video Instead of Bachelorette Party


Lauren Mackenzie decided to ditch the traditional bachelorette party and instead invited her guest to shoot a fun music video with her! Participants learned choreographed moves and danced to the tunes of Beyonce and Kesha. I absolutely this idea! Such a creative way to celebrate and incorporate all age groups. Even grandma got to make a cameo!

Baby, You're a Firework - Perfect July 4th Playlist


Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and you have everything you need for the perfect cookout. The meat is marinating, the drinks are cooling in the fridge, the grill is working perfectly, but you forgot one thing….the MUSIC!! What is a party without great music? Never fear we have you covered. Get ready for the 4th of July with the Baby You're a Friework Playlist below.

Firework- Katy Perry

I Knew You Were Trouble- Taylor Swift

Drunk In Love- Beyonce ft. Jay Z

West Coast- Lana Del Ray


For the full playlist and a spotify playlist check it here.

Source: Huffington Post

Fathers Day Brunch and Gift Ideas from Co Co. Sala!

Fathers Day is this Sunday and Co Co. Sala has got you covered! Check out their brunch menu and gift selections below!


Dad's Day at Co Co. Sala

Celebrate all the Dads
in your life!
Sunday June 15th, 2014
reservations begin at 11am
Indulge in our multi-course brunch with delectable dishes such as ourbreakfast flatbread, crispy creole crabcakes, and grown-up bacon grilled cheese with truffle-scented brioche, to name a few.


Experience Chef Tiptur's Prix Fixe Menu for $34/person.  Prix Fixe includes a brunch cocktail and a chocolate surprise for Dad!


A la Carte Brunch Menu will also be served on Father's Day.

Order your Father's Day Chocolate online by June 9th for shipping orders!  
Visit Union Market or the F Street Boutique for an array of chocolates.  
Items are subject to availability and seasonal items are limited in quantities. 
Please note that they only ship Mondays-Wednesdays to protect product integrity.  

 Chocolate 'Stache  $2


CHOCOLATE ENROBED BACONChocolate Enrobed Bacon  $8

Remote Chocolate Remote Control  $12 BUY NOW >

Tobacco Infused Chocolate Cigar

Chocolate Cigar  $3
Hennesy Hennessey Truffes  $13 BUY NOW >

Gift CardGift Card  $25 & up

Source: Cocosala.com

Is It a Bad Idea to start a Business with my spouse?

STARTING A BUSINESS COMES WITH A LOT OF RISKS. BUT WHEN YOU STAND TO LOSE NOT ONLY YOUR LIVELIHOOD BUT YOUR MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THE STAKES BECOME MUCH HIGHER. LEADERSHIP COACH LOLLY DASKAL IS HERE TO HELP YOU NAVIGATE WHAT COULD BE THE BEST OR WORST DECISION OF YOUR LIFE. Business-Couple "For better or worse, for richer or poorer," take on a whole new meaning when you consider all you have to gain and lose by starting a business with your spouse.

For the answer to this week's classic and potentially difficult reader question, we turned to leadership coach Lolly Daskal.

Hi, What are some considerations for starting a business with your spouse?

We know there are lots of successful couples with successful businesses. I'm guessing there are many that failed, along with the marriage, that we never hear about.

I once started a successful business with my best friend, which led to us splitting up after two years, never to speak to each other again. I don't want the same thing to happen with my wife.

We have a picture-perfect family: a great relationship and two kids--I feel there's a lot at stake if the business doesn't work out. Any advice?

Thanks, TC

Dear TC,

Everything in life is a gamble, although you’re correct that in this situation the stakes are quite high. The most important consideration at the outset is making sure you’re perfectly clear on your vision, values, roles, and purpose.

So begin by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Do you share the same values?
  2. Is your marriage more important than your business?
  3. Will you continue to work on your personal relationship?
  4. If you were not married, would you still want to go into business with this person?

If both of you can honestly answer “yes” to all four questions, you’re ready to work together on the next steps.

Creating a solid partnership in business involves many of the same areas as creating a solid marriage, just within a different context.

Create shared vision and values. Creating a shared vision based on shared values allows you to work together in a mutually agreed direction that minimizes conflict. When things go wrong--and they will--you’ll have a good foundation to keep you grounded.

Position strengths and skills. Know your personality types and position yourselves to take advantage of your strengths. Having an idea of what each of you is good at to maximize skill sets and avoid stepping on each others toes. Consider taking a personality assessment to figure out your individual strengths and how you can best work together.

Set roles and responsibilities. Write job descriptions for yourselves and set clear expectations about who will take on which tasks for the business.

If you continue forward, there are other issues that you’ll need to be mindful of in your day-to-day lives at work and at home:

Be mindful of boundaries. Focus on your own responsibilities, and let your spouse handle theirs without interference. Of course you can collaborate, but in most situations the best thing you can do is stay out of each other’s way.

Refrain from telling your spouse how to do what they do best. Let each other have some room and flexibility to work independently.

Keep communication open. Open and honest communication keeps minor issues from developing into major problems. Problems must be communicated, recognized, and worked through in a mutually agreed way.

Handle conflict with care. How you handle conflict is critically important to any business, but even more so when the partners are in a personal relationship. Put a time limit on disagreements and arguments, speak about them, deal with them, and move on.

Reciprocate, respect, and reverence. Respect is another element that’s essential to both business and marriage. Cultivate a mindset that is appreciative of your spouse's talents, gifts, and insights, and then convey that respect by listening, by sharing, by appreciating.

Avoid second-guessing and micromanagement. The good news: working together allows you to achieve a higher level of trust, which in turn will strengthen your relationship. As it’s said, to be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.

Develop routines to keep your relationship and business separate. Keep a good balance by creating strategies for the transitions between work and home life. Make rituals to help you stay connected as a couple no matter what’s going on at work. As you spend more time with each other, business conversations tend to move to the dinner table and then into the bedroom. It is important to make time for your relationship.

Show appreciation and gratitude. Make a point to thank each other for a job well done, and be kind about how you approach constructive criticism. In a close relationship, it’s easy to forget these basic rules of business. Don’t take your partner or their contributions for granted.

At the end of the day, you are partners working together for something meaningful and purposeful. Remember you are in this together in business and in marriage.

Every marriage is already a partnership, one in which you work together, love together, create together, and support each other. With the right alignment and planning, and a commitment to making it work, sharing a business can be a meaningful extension of that partnership.

Good luck!

Source: Fastcompany.com

#TipTuesday: Five Tips You Need To Know About Choosing Wedding Music

band So now you’re engaged. You’ve taken the first step toward one of life’s most fulfilling relationships. Congratulations! Now that the initial announcement has been made and you’ve celebrated your big decision with family and friends, it’s time to start making those wedding plans. Elements like date, location, food, invitations, guest list, where to register, dresses, tuxes; it can all seem overwhelming.

But think about it, how many of these items will your guests remember in 10 years? They might remember the location and your dress, right? For all of the time, effort, and yes, emotion that goes into choosing the elements of your wedding, very few end up being long-term memories of your special day.

Other than the bride and groom themselves, of all the elements of a wedding, the music (good or bad) is one of the most memorable aspects of the day. So, it is too bad that music is often an afterthought in the planning process, sometimes being left until just a couple of weeks before the wedding day.

While music isn’t the focus of your wedding day, it does set the atmosphere of the day. An inspirational soloist or a really cooking band playing tunes hand-picked for you and your family make everyone happy. At the same time, a band that isn’t experienced at doing weddings, isn’t very good, or can’t adapt to special requests can be a real downer.

So to help you make the best possible choices for your wedding music, here are five things to remember:

1. Start planning your music early. As plans take shape, your wedding day will take on a character of its own. Including music at the beginning of the planning process will ensure a good fit with your vision for the day. It will also make sure that your wedding budget includes enough dollars to get you what you want.

2. Decide what type of music you want for yourselves and your family. There are probably hundreds of options in your community for wedding music. As you go to the marketplace, knowing what will make you and your family members happy will save you time, money and regret after you’re married.

3. One stop shop. You will save money and time by working with a musician or booking agency that offers a wide range of options. You may want a classical singer for the ceremony, a swing band for the dinner and family dances, and a rock and roll band for late night festivities. Booking these three types of musicians separately will probably cost you hundreds of dollars more than if you work with someone that has access to all three styles.

4. Always hear the bands you are considering, preferably live. It is surprising how many brides and grooms choose wedding musicians without ever hearing them perform. Reputable musicians and agents will readily offer you samples of their work, or even better, dates when you can hear them live. Avoid choosing musicians based solely on the recommendation of a friend, family member or through social media.

5. Ask questions. One of the main reasons music planning gets put off is brides and grooms feel intimidated talking to musicians. They feel they don’t know enough about music to make good choices. Any reputable musician or agent will be happy to answer any questions you have about choosing music. Always look for people who take the philosophy that “there is no such thing as a bad question.”

There you are, five tips that will help you get you exactly what you want in your wedding music. A little bit of concentrated effort early on in the planning process can make the long term memories of your wedding day especially sweet.

Source: foreverbride.com

Favored Friday Vendor Spotlight: Anthropologie Presents BHLDN

unnamed (4)unnamed (5) Checkout Anthropologie's new wedding dress line BHLDN! These gorgeous gowns can be found at store locations in Georgetown, New York, and Chicago to name a few. Cant make it to a store? Shop online at BHLDN.COM! These looks are perfect for an outdoor wedding. Simply elegant and timeless.

image1 image3



#WeddingWednesday: Brunch Wedding Sweet Bar Ideas

smoothie truffles Trending this year in the world of weddings, are brunch receptions instead of the traditional sit down dinner. Brunches are a great alternative if a bride wants to do something different but still classy. A brunch can also save on costs to accompany a Sunday wedding.  For some sweet brunch bar inspiration, check out the pictures below.


Put a spin on a classic breakfast staple but providing fruity topping and several different syrup options.

poptart pops

Serve this childhood favorite treat in its miniture form on a stick to keep guests hands free from mess.


French Toast Dippers are a perfect pairing to a "cocktail hour" mimosa before the main course.

coffee donut hole

For the coffee lovers, add a sweet donut hole to accompany their drink.

biscuit bar

Add a biscuit bar to your sweet table, and give you guests a few jams to choose from.

#TipTuesday: Surviving Wedding Season

Attending a wedding can get to be expensive. Here are some tips to make it through wedding season without going broke :

1. Start saving early. If you're close with a couple who gets engaged, begin putting cash away then.

2. Don't forget to budget for the extra events, such as wedding showers and bachelor or bachelorette parties.

3. Look beyond the hotel that has been selected for guests. Other hotels may be cheaper. Shop around.

4. For out of town weddings, ask the engaged couple if they know anyone with a spare bedroom who would be willing to host you.

5. Ask other guests if they would be willing to buy a group gift.

6. If you plan to attend more than one wedding, try wearing the same outfit more than once.

7. If shopping on a bridal registry, search for the item on another site. It may be less expensive.

Source: abcnews.com

Moms Best Friend

Mothers Day is only five days away! I hope you have something special planned for all the mamas in your life. We are starting the celebration early here at Favored by Yodit Events. What did we get you you ask? Only every mothers wish, a babysitter! You may not have know this, but dogs make some of the best babysitters. Just checkout some of these pictures of the doggies on duty! Image.1397980736595 Image.1397980736596 Image.1397980736603 Image.1397980736599 Image.1397980736600 Image.1397980736602Image.1397980736604 Image.1397980736606 Image.1397980736607 Image.1397980736610 Image.1397980736611 Image.1397980736613 Image.1397980736614 Image.1397980736615 Image.1397980736618 Image.1397980736617 Image.1397980736620Image.1397980736621 Image.1397980736622 Image.1397980736624 Image.1397980736625 Image.1397980736626 Image.1397980736628

#FavoredFriday #YoureInvited: The Dandelion Patch in Georgetown

The Dandelion Patch is a fine stationery store that began in the heart of downtown Vienna, Virginia. Since 1994,  thdy have been part of the fabric of the community and through their invitations, stationery and announcements we have been privileged to share in the many births, weddings, anniversaries and parties of their growing list of loyal customers.  As Northern Virginia and their customer base have grown, they too have expanded.  You can now visit them at their flagship store in Vienna as well as at their locations in Reston and Georgetown. The Dandelion Patch is hosting a Tip Tuesday event Tuesday the 28th of April at their Georgetown location and you're invited! Tips-on-Tuesday-Evoke3Source: thedandelionpatch.com


HowAboutWe makes online dating fun again!

HowAboutWelogo The online dating world is heating up, but a lot of the big love-finding websites like eHarmony and Match are smelling pretty stale. HowAboutWe has the right attitude and is making online dating fun again.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, HowAboutWe is “all about wonderful people (like you) going on awesome dates. Playful dates. Cultured dates. Magical dates. Surprising dates. You say, “How about we…” and fill in the dots with the dates you want to go on.”

HowAboutWe works like this: Members fill out a profile, upload a photo and propose an intriguing first date idea. Other users browse proposed dates, and if they like what they read, they can message their potential date. “Partakers can design both an elaborate or simple rendezvous, from meeting for coffee or sampling sushi to conducting a couples séance in hopes of connecting with childhood pets.”

The site includes the traditional features of dating websites, such as online chatting, emailing, and profile cruising but HowAboutWe puts the emphasis on stepping offline to encounter real-life camaraderie. One of the service’s best features is the Daily Dates email with date proposals selected to match your profile; it’s a gold mine of interesting things to do in New York City. And the locations are conveniently powered by Foursquare.

The site’s emphasis on friendship is unique; it asks if you’d like to pull in your contacts from Facebook, Gmail and Twitter. You can also answer a list of questions so users can know a bit more about you like “The movie I’ve watched the most times,” and “An awesome place I’ve visited.” It also asks you to pick which dates you like or don’t like to weed out potential football watching afternoons.

HowAboutWe’s co-founders Aaron Schildkrout and Brian Schechter grew up down the street from each other; they even threw a 4th grade dance party at their elementary school together. The two became teachers in their 20s, then turned 30 and decided they wanted to start a big, exciting business, something a bit more challenging. After traveling together, they arrived at the HowAboutWe concept in August 2009. “We were both single at the time. What would would be cool in the States? What if you had a stream of date ideas?” says Brian.

With little background in either tech or business, Aaron and Brian have been learning along the way. They incubated the idea in Boston, from August to December of 2009 and launched the site in February of 2010 in NYC.

“I’ve been thinking constantly about dating and the Internet. What it’s like for people to find love and meaning and having to engage in a digital culture, and how that translates into their real life. People have a hard time presenting who they are in a digital context and how they are in real life. HowAboutWe gets people off their computers and gets them together with likeminded folks who may want to protest at the UN together or explore Red Hook.” – Brian

Source: thenextweb.com

#TipTuesday: Five Tips That May Save Your Wedding (and Your Sanity)

wedding-rings-wallpaper1 1. Give in to the chaos

The ice swan may melt, the sound system could go on the fritz, it might rain toads -- you'll still be just as married as you would have been had everything gone according to plan.

2. Remember that they're all rooting for you

Say something does go off kilter -- you trip on your hem and faceplant into the cake, the wedding elephant has an accident on the floor or you fumble the name of your beloved. If people laugh, it's because it's all part of the grand story that's unfolding -- not because they're gleeful about a screw-up. They're there because they're on your side and are grateful to be part of this momentous occasion, and if they're not, why the heck are they at your wedding? Seriously, take a look at that guest list and snip, snip, snip.

3. Let your loved ones help -- but on your terms

My husband and I had a fairly DIY wedding -- both to cut down on costs and to put our own stamp on the ceremony that would mark the beginning of our married life. We also didn't have a wedding party, because it was a small-ish event and we didn't want people to feel left out.

So we asked people if they'd like to help in ways that didn't cost them anything, celebrated their talents in ways they were happy to share, and where we provided supplies and general guidelines. Two musician friends sang as we walked down the aisle, an artist friend carved pumpkins to decorate outside, my sister-in-law rallied willing guests to arrange the flowers we'd bought and picked, and some writers crafted a ritual that celebrated our communal love of food.

My best friend from college looked after our mutually-beloved whippet dog, another surprised me with a piece from my favorite poet (Frank O'Hara). My husband's best friend officiated the ceremony, and we let our musically-inclined friends pick the songs they'd most like to dance to. People were also free to simply eat, drink and be merry.

The upshot is that our loved ones felt like they had a stake in our wedding -- and in our marriage -- and that feeling continues to this very day.

4. Stay awake and pay attention

Ask just about any married person if they can remember every detail of their wedding and reception and chances are that it's riddled with big, blurry chunks. It's a joyous, often overwhelming day -- and it's only going to happen once.

5. There's a letdown -- and that's OK

After our post-wedding day brunch, I sat down in a walk-in closet and cried. This had nothing to do with regret, second-guessing or sadness; I'd just married my favorite man on Earth and I was happier in my life than I'd ever been before.

But we'd just spent the vast majority of our time over the previous months focusing our energy on planning the joyous event, and the last guests had just said their goodbyes. All those wedding guests we adore were never again going to be in the same place at the same time, the spotlight was off me, and I was no longer a single woman, girlfriend or bride-to-be. I was someone's wife -- a wonderful, but slightly scary new role. And it was time to step into it.

I cried a little more and spent a moment saying goodbye to the single self I'd always known. Then I took a deep breath, stood up, walked out of that closet and went to find my new husband.

Source: CNN.com By By Kat Kinsman