Find your next wedding date on...Craigslist?

craigslist date You can find furniture, cars, electronics, jobs and now dates on Craigslist. Personally this sounds like a scary way to find a date but for one man it seemed like the perfect platform.

The DC resident was desperate to find a date for the May wedding after his original date cancelled on him last minute. Instead of wasting a plate at the reception, he posted a want AD looking for someone who was interested in the YOLO motto for the night. He wrote:

If you're still reading here are the facts and why you should come:

- you only yolo once - you get to wear a dress - open bar & food all night

more fun facts about your potential date: - I have a degree - I have a job - I am a clean man - I have never been arrested - I don't like murder

lol...well at least he isn't a killer. I hope he found a date! Would you look for a date on Craigslist?