Get Your Keys Organized During #Snowquester

Color code keys 1.) Color Your Keys

Hate taking forever to find your house, car, office keys when its snowing? Take 5 Minutes while indoors to color code your keys with nail polish to save time and get organized.

Here’s how:

1. Remove your keys from their chain.

2. Select your nail polish colors and decide which key should be paired with each color. You can even try some clever color associations. Is your front door red? Paint your house key cherry. Have a garden shed? Paint it green for your garden. Pool key? Blue for water!

3. Paint a layer of nail polish over the top portion of your keys. If you go over an outline by accident, use a toothpick to remove any excess polish.

4. Let your nail polish completely dry and then apply a second coat until you can’t see the metal of the key underneath.

5. Once the keys are dry, put them back to your keychain, and that’s it!

Source: BrightNest