You're Invited: The Malmaison Wedding Experience on April 3, 2016


Malmaison in Georgetown is a loft style event space located right on the Potomac. On April 3rd they are partnering with DC Modern Luxury Magazine for a Wedding Event like no other! This will be so much more than an open house, with champagne cocktails, delicious food, runway shows and music!

Just for being apart of the #FavoredFamily, Malmaison is offering you 25% off of the ticket price! Just use promo code PLANNERBRIDE at checkout. For more information and to buy tickets, check out the link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wedding-experience-tickets-22467758671


The Top Photography Trends for 2016

0498 Your wedding photos are lasting memories of your wedding day. It's important that you put thought into who will capture your day and how you are going to do it. You want your photos to have not only a lasting impression but truly capture the emotion of every moment. If you aren't sure where to start, how about starting with this year's top photography trends! We’ve got you covered with Brides Magazine’s photography trends for 2016!

Aerial views are in!: Drones Photographer Manny Carabel of MTC Photography says that drones "gives you the vantage point of capturing images of things, people, and places you may not be able to get by standing in one spot". However, he does warn that the quality of the photos may not be as professional as handheld cameras.

10 Things You Should Know About Drone Wedding Photography

Back in time: Film Photography Remember when photos were developed instead of digitized on a computer? That’s the idea behind film photography. According to photographer Kristin La Voie, the "film renders light, color, and tones differently than digital images. Typically, they're softer, more flattering — and have a more painterly feel than the vivid, crisp digital photos." These images are achieved by developing the photos using analog cameras and negative film.

Fit for the stars!: Editorial Style Shots Who doesn’t want wedding photos that are fit for a spread in Vogue! As NewYork-based wedding photographer Amy Anaiz says, editorial shots "create portraits of the couple that have a visual impact because your eyes are drawn to their deep expressions and deliberate placement — similar to what you see in magazines." In order to accomplish these looks Amy says that the photos should capture beautiful and flattering light, pay close attention to detail, and be clean images.

Poof!: Smoke Bombs Smoke bombs are probably a new trend that you may not have heard of! According to photographer Jenevieve Purcell, who uses this cool photo effect, her clients are amazed with the process and its uniqueness.The cool effect is achieved by literally dropping colored smoke bombs in the shot! How cool is that!

Timeless: Black & White "With an increase in vintage-styled weddings over the last few years; black and white photos are predicted to increase alongside." Who doesn’t love the sleek and timeless appeal of a black and white photo? You cannot go wrong with incorporating a few black and white photos in your photo repertoire.

Oh so natural!: Less Filters “Thanks to Instagram, photography filters have been all the rage. However, in 2016, Brooklyn-based wedding, engagement, and family photographer Ben Deibert believes that brides will seek a more natural, real editing style of their photos, allowing their beauty to shine through with natural, simplistic editing and lighting.”

One last thing…. Well speaking of Instagram, while having filters for your photos may not be “in” this year; hashtags definitely are! Creating your own hashtag for your wedding events will allow your guests to further participate in your big day and it creates an online album of your wedding. You and your guests will be able to browse photos from the wedding simply by clicking on the hashtag. Be sure to come up with your own unique hashtag for your big day and encourage your guests to use it!

0211 Source: Brides.com

Wedding Wednesday: Cherelle + Donald


In honor of Wedding Wednesday, I had to share this fabulous slide show from our favored couple Cherelle & Donald who got married on 12/18/15!! 
Such a stunning couple! So blessed to celebrate love all year long. 
Special thanks to Nessa K Photography for capturing their love and all of our details so perfectly.
Watch their wedding slide show and see their full gallery here: http://www.nessakphotography.com/slideshows/cherelledonald/


#WeddingWednesday: Fall Outdoor Wedding Tips and Ideas!

Fall is just around the corner and that means bonfires, apple cider, pumpkins and yes...pie! Fall colors are gorgeous and make it a great season for an outdoor wedding. Here are some fun creative ways to incorporate some of your favorite fall festivities into your big day! I don't know about you but when I think Fall I think pumpkins and hayrides. Orange might not be your fist choice for decor so consider painting or even decorating pumpkins to add that fall feel to the scene. Switch things up a bit by getting rid of traditional ceremony seating and going instead with hay barrels. As beautiful as an outdoor wedding might be we all get a little chilly after a while. Help guest combat the cold by offering blankets to keep them warm. If you really want to heat things up bonfires are the way to go. They will get your guests warm in no time and can actually be quite romantic. And if you do choose to have a bonfire then its only right that you have s'mores! Pre-made kits make the cutest favors! If your venue doesn't allow open pits of fire or if you just don't have the extra space you can still have a s'mores bar. Just use small burners to roast the marshmallows. Its a great substitute for a sweets bar. Speaking of sweets; instead of going with the usual cake for dessert try offering up some fall flavored pumpkin and apple pie. painted pumpkin Hay seating

blanketsBonfiresmores kit Smores bar roasted mmpiePumpkin name cards apple namecards apple candlesBeer barrel


Myaa and John's Cardinal Room Wedding Photos Are Here! Check Them Out!

Rocking-Red Myaa and John's Wedding Love is in the details and this wedding had a ton! Not only were Myaa and John such a fun couple to work with, they also wanted the wedding to stay true to their personalities. Myaa is African American and John is Vietnamese.


Four words they described for their wedding day were fun, blended, family-oriented and unique! Some notable details from the wedding were their love of Maryland (check out the groomsmen fun Maryland flag socks), relaxed style (groom and groomsmen wore Vans shoes), to the bridal and bridesmaid paper bouquets! The selected color palette was red, black & white. It was the perfect fit for this beautifully blended new family. This day was a blast to coordinate with the assistance of Favored team, Carol, Helen & LaToya! Big thank you to all the great vendors we worked with for Myaa & John's Wedding!

See more photos in from this wedding our gallery here.







NEW Video Recap of Favored by Yodit Events Launch Affair at The W Hotel

Favored Launch Video Photo

I am excited to share the highlight video from the Favored by Yodit Events Launch Affair at The W Hotel. The atmosphere was phenomenal and I couldnt have asked for a better night! We had the best wedding vendors participating and guest and new couples eager to meet them in attendance.

The room was definitely filled with love! Thanks to everyone who came out! See you next year for our 1 Year Anniversary.

Note: If you are a wedding / event vendor who would like to be featured for our next event please email yodit@favoredbyyodit.com. Thanks again for the good times & customer referrals!







Favored by Yodit Dishes on #Scandal Finale & New Fashion App!

Favored Yodit GebreyesIf you are obsessed with #Scandal and #Fashion like I am then you will love today's post!!! Our good friends at WJLA/ ABC and Reporter Jummy Olabanji contacted me last week to get my thoughts on this new app, GetThis.TV! All I could say was GENIUS! This website, app allows users to find clothes stars wear on TV most notably the clothes worn by Kerry Washington in her role as Olivia Pope.

Get This Scandal

Next time you see your favorite actress wearing a beautiful coat, dress, or fedora like the one below from last night's Scandal episode, you can learn how to get it too instantly thanks to Get This TV!

Scandal Fedora

Designed by (@louisegreenhats) Check out their site: http://www.louisegreen.com/

Thanks to everyone who texted, called or was even up at 6:45am this Friday morning checking out the full clip of my girls and I dishing on @abc7news! Cant wait to host more Scandal Watch Parties for Season 3 (Special Thanks to Scandal Creator Shonda Rhimes for making me obsessed!). Stay Connected and Tweet us @FavoredbyYodit!

Favored CellPhone Case

Read more: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2013/05/website-app-allows-users-to-find-clothes-stars-wear-on-tv-88909.html#ixzz2TYQKzFYC


Adam + Renee's Engagement Photos: Laughter Meets Love!

photo 2

Adam and Renee met in college at Salisbury University in the fall of 2003. Introduced by friends, the couple did not officially have their first date until February 2004. One thing I found so cute about their story was that Adam (being the jokester that he is) told Renee that he would fall in love with her because of her hair (which is gorgeous!!!) which she probably gets from being Chinese Jamaican. A great friendship grew and Adam continued to make Renee laugh and find more reasons to love her.

photo 5Since Renee is from Miami, the couple decided to make a trip and Adam made the necessary arrangements to pop the question! Adam found the perfect lighting + got down on one knee in front of Renee's family to propose. He said a few sweet things, she cried (a lot), her parents and brother screamed, and passersby clapped + cheered.

photo 4

These two are getting married this weekend in Rivera Maya, Mexico and wish nothing but the best for this beautiful couple! Congrats :)

#Favored Facts:

Adam is a Wine Enthusiast + loves to cook (check his intagram @ad_renaissance)!

Renee loves dance + photography! 

Photo credit: CKJ Visuals 

Press: Desire to Aspire Event Makes the Washington Post Style Section!

Desire to Aspire WHM WashPostWe made the Washington Post Yippie! See More Photos Here

Thank you again to everyone who was able to attend our March Edition of The Desire to Aspire Brunch last week! It was refreshing to see the amount of attendees who truly appreciated the event program and networking opportunities with leaders who are ascending in their fields!

The event’s focus was to bring together young professional women and men from an array of industries across the D.C. area to honor three female leaders in their respective fields and commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement.

Get to Know Our Amazing Honorees and Panelists:

Melanie Roussell, National Press Secretary, Democratic National Committee @MelanieDNC

Helena Andrews, Journalist and Author of Bitch Is The New Black @helena_andrews

Karen Richardson, Director, The White House Office on Public Engagement 

Special thanks to Favored by Yodit event partners, The Pesante Media GroupKNPR + Marketing

Our sponsors, Vita Coco, Organic Root Stimulator, The YFF & St. Gregory Hotel 



FAQ's with Glamour Makeup Artist Vivian Wynter

Hola Beauties, As you know, I have been a Glamour Makeup Artist for over 10 years, and over the years, I have noticed that I am always asked the same FAQ's by women everywhere.  Today's beauty blog addresses three of those questions.  I promise if you follow these instructions you will be ready to Put Your Best Face Forward at any event.  Happy Friday!! 


1.) How do I decrease the puffiness under my eyes? 

There are different treatment options depending on the cause of puffiness.  If you are lacking sleep and retaining water around the eyes (besides the obvious remedy of getting more rest) lay down with a moist, cold washcloth over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.  Another trick is to moisten two Chamomile tea bags with cold water and rest them on your eyes. The calming properties and tannin in the tea help tighten the skin and decrease puffiness.


2.) What's the cause of my under eye dark circles - and what treatments can help?

 Occasional dark circles under the eyes can be caused by factors as simple as lack of sleep, dehydration or an allergy - particularly congestion in the central facial and nasal area. Dark circles can also be hereditary, and are more likely to occur in ethnic skin.

But for many women, dark circles are simply a sign of the aging process at work. As we age, the fat pad under the eye thins, allowing blood vessels underneath to show through. Moreover, as we age, blood flow to the skin beneath the eyes becomes sluggish, which further increases the darkness in this area.

While sometimes a skin-lightening product helps to fade dark circles, I wouldn't recommend using them under the eye.  However, using eye creams that containing a combination of Vitamin K and Retinol have an even more powerful lightening effect. The vitamin K works directly on the blood vessels, while the Retinol helps re-build collagen, which drastically improves the appearance of dark circles.

The best way to hide dark circles is with concealer (makeup). However, it's important to choose one in a shade as close to your natural skin tone as possible.  But BEWARE, choosing a concealer that is too light, will cause dark circles to appear gray calling more attention to them.


3.)  What can I do to make my eye shadow last longer than lunchtime?

  • Do not apply eye cream (skin care)  on your lids in the morning – the added emollients in the cream will cause any makeup you apply afterwards to slip right off.
  • Before applying shadow, always prime your lids with an eye shadow primer such as Urban Decay's "Primer Potion", which creates a base for the shadow to adhere to.
  • In general, if your lids tend to secrete their own oil-stay away from cream shadows.  However, if you are totally addicted and loyal to your cream shadows feel free to use them only AFTER applying the primer as it is amazing for both cream and powder based eye shadow.


Urban Decay Primer Potion


You're Invited: Style to the Aisle...a Bride's RUNWAY 2013

style to the aisle flyer Don't miss THE premiere bridal fashion event of 2013 produced by Memorable Moments Event Planning Co.!

WHO: You! Plus Press, Event Planners, Trendsetters & the Sophisticated Fashionista Bride.

WHAT: Romance comes back to rip the runway for a 3rd season with an all NEW look to give brides that much needed "fashion for thought" as she prepares for her big debut down the white carpet. Come enjoy an uber-chic bridal experience, get inspired and celebrate your engagement in style.

WHEN: Sunday, March 24, 2013 | 3pm-7pm

WHERE: L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC

If you've been to countless bridal expos but have left overwhelmed & uninspired, you're in for a real treat! Unlike any other, this event is unique & lavish; its a place where an elite & diverse collection of some of the hottest trends from the region's best designers & bridal boutiques in bridal fashion and accessories come to the catwalk. Come enjoy a great afternoon of mingling with your entourage, sip complimentary champagne/cocktails provided by Chambord, enjoy tasty hors d' oeuvres & win some fabulous prizes. Meet some of the best beauty experts, receive onsite beauty treatments in our exclusive "Style Lounge" and some amazing swag for the first 100 guests.

Tickets can be purchased here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/303133

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Special thank you to my amazing best friend, Andy who pushes me to follow my dreams even when I did not think my dream could be REAL! You are truly the reason why I am able to give so much love to everything I do! And for that I am eternally grateful! Love you baby.

To my parents, Rebecca & Birhanu, who always make me feel like a superstar & that I can take over the world. What you have sacrificed for me in these past 27 years of my life brings me to tears. God couldn't have blessed me more than to be birthed by the two most loving people on earth. In this age you don't find many couples that still dance, hug, or show affection like you both! Thanks to you, I know what real love looks like and for that I love you more than life!

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