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#WeddingWednesday Cake Trends 2016

Berry Hue Cake  

Choosing your cake design is probably one of the most enjoyable tasks on your to do list. Probably because of the many cake tasting visits. As a caker, I would be shamed if I didn't share with you this year's cake trends! The world of cake has gone into new directions in cake design but has also gone back to a few classic traditions...a little something old and little something new! Here's a few of my top picks from The Knot's 15 Hot Wedding Cake Trends.

Metallic Cakes

The best part about metallics? They can adapt to any style; delicate embroidery in gold feels opulent while geometric shapes give off a fresh, modern feel. If an entire tier is too much glitz for you, consider adding a little sparkle all over. Fine edible glitter (think: pixie dust) can add a decorative sheen to your cake without overpowering the whole design. Gold leaf can also be added to give a touch of glam here and there on the cake.

Buttercream Cakes

Move over fondant, brides are starting to ask for more traditional cakes with a buttercream finish. "We get lots of requests for rustic iced buttercream layers with flecks of vanilla bean in the icing or textured piping that looks and tastes delicious, but isn't perfect," says Mary Maher of Cakegirls in Chicago. If you're going for a homespun, relaxed vibe, ask your baker to smother your wedding cake in delicious buttercream frosting. For the more polished version, opt for buttercream with a pleated, smooth finish.

View More: http://oncelikeaspark.pass.us/jordan--james--wedding

Naked Cakes

Yep, you read that right. With the deconstructed cake, you get to show off the inside. For a summertime wedding, berries work well; in winter and fall, ask your baker to fill the layers with seasonal fruits, like apples, pears, persimmons or even blood oranges. Not only are these cakes simple and effortless but also practical if you aren't a fan of a lot of icing. Naked cakes are perfect for rustic styled weddings.

Wedding Cake Trio and Quintet Tables

Inspired by dessert tables; cake trios, quartets and quintet tables come with a couple big benefits. Having more than one cake also makes it very easy to choose multiple cake flavors (so you don't have to decide between traditional vanilla, decadent chocolate or carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting). "Guests love to have a mini-bite of lots of different desserts," says Melody Brandon of Sweet and Saucy Shop in Newport, California. Give guests choices, but don't overwhelm them. "I recommend between two to four mini-desserts per person," says Brandon. "Try not to choose more than eight options of desserts—too many choices can overwhelm your guests."



Painted Cakes

Marbleized cakes, stained-glass painted cakes, watercolor cakes and even Monet-inspired wedding cake designs. Pair those hand-painted tiers with solid-colored layers or even simple flower accents; like the one featured here. Quick tip: For a cake design that's so intricate, keep the tiers simple and stick to all one shape (either all classic round tiers or all square).

Illustrated Cakes

Did you know you can actually have anything you want printed onto your cake? It's true. Pick anything you like -- from the design on your invites to the quote from your first-dance song or even your wedding motif, like a bicycle, oak tree, or anemone flowers – to have showcased onto your cake tiers. First, the cake gets covered in fondant, then the design is hand-painted on the cake or printed on top sugar paper with edible ink.

More styles featured:

  • Ruffled Cake
  • Monogrammed Cake
  • White on White Cake
  • Lace Cake
  • Woodland Whimsical Cake
  • Geometric Shapes Cake
  • Rosette Cake
  • Sugar Flower Bouquet  Cake
  • Ombre Wedding Cake

The Top Photography Trends for 2016

0498 Your wedding photos are lasting memories of your wedding day. It's important that you put thought into who will capture your day and how you are going to do it. You want your photos to have not only a lasting impression but truly capture the emotion of every moment. If you aren't sure where to start, how about starting with this year's top photography trends! We’ve got you covered with Brides Magazine’s photography trends for 2016!

Aerial views are in!: Drones Photographer Manny Carabel of MTC Photography says that drones "gives you the vantage point of capturing images of things, people, and places you may not be able to get by standing in one spot". However, he does warn that the quality of the photos may not be as professional as handheld cameras.

10 Things You Should Know About Drone Wedding Photography

Back in time: Film Photography Remember when photos were developed instead of digitized on a computer? That’s the idea behind film photography. According to photographer Kristin La Voie, the "film renders light, color, and tones differently than digital images. Typically, they're softer, more flattering — and have a more painterly feel than the vivid, crisp digital photos." These images are achieved by developing the photos using analog cameras and negative film.

Fit for the stars!: Editorial Style Shots Who doesn’t want wedding photos that are fit for a spread in Vogue! As NewYork-based wedding photographer Amy Anaiz says, editorial shots "create portraits of the couple that have a visual impact because your eyes are drawn to their deep expressions and deliberate placement — similar to what you see in magazines." In order to accomplish these looks Amy says that the photos should capture beautiful and flattering light, pay close attention to detail, and be clean images.

Poof!: Smoke Bombs Smoke bombs are probably a new trend that you may not have heard of! According to photographer Jenevieve Purcell, who uses this cool photo effect, her clients are amazed with the process and its uniqueness.The cool effect is achieved by literally dropping colored smoke bombs in the shot! How cool is that!

Timeless: Black & White "With an increase in vintage-styled weddings over the last few years; black and white photos are predicted to increase alongside." Who doesn’t love the sleek and timeless appeal of a black and white photo? You cannot go wrong with incorporating a few black and white photos in your photo repertoire.

Oh so natural!: Less Filters “Thanks to Instagram, photography filters have been all the rage. However, in 2016, Brooklyn-based wedding, engagement, and family photographer Ben Deibert believes that brides will seek a more natural, real editing style of their photos, allowing their beauty to shine through with natural, simplistic editing and lighting.”

One last thing…. Well speaking of Instagram, while having filters for your photos may not be “in” this year; hashtags definitely are! Creating your own hashtag for your wedding events will allow your guests to further participate in your big day and it creates an online album of your wedding. You and your guests will be able to browse photos from the wedding simply by clicking on the hashtag. Be sure to come up with your own unique hashtag for your big day and encourage your guests to use it!

0211 Source: Brides.com

Vendor Spotlight: SpeechBooth™, the newest thing in Wedding-Tech

Speech Booth  

Now Everyone Can Leave a Speech!

Utilizing proprietary software on a provided iPad, SpeechBooth™ allows wedding guests to record personal messages in high-quality HD video. The unit is discrete, self-sufficient, can be shipped to any location, and does not require an attendant. All speeches are professionally edited and saved to an online user account for the couple to enjoy forever!

With its simple touchscreen design, SpeechBooth™ offers your guests the ability to record messages in high-quality HD video. You'll receive a professionally edited compilation video saved to a secure online user account. The personalized kit arrives pre-assembled, is self-sufficient, and easily blends into any wedding theme.


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10 Played Out Wedding Songs!


There are a few songs that are played at weddings that if they never play them again it would be too soon! If you are like me, when you go to a wedding and certain songs are played you just hang your head and hope that the DJ's computer suddenly shuts off. Below are 10 of the most played out wedding songs.

1. My Girl: Don't get me wrong, My Girl is a very nice song and it's cute for the father daughter dance...or at least it was -____- now I fight sleep every single time I hear it.

2. All My Life: This song was cute when it first came out, but a million plays later and I want this song to die...much like K-CI and JoJo's career...opps did I say that...

3. Here Comes the Bride: Can we get a little more creative? I know this song is a stable wedding march, but would it be wrong to choose somthing that isn't so generic?

4. Macarena: Not sure if anyone is still playing this song but if you are, come with us into 2013 my love! Lets upgrade to the wobble or something.

5. Shout: Must I justify this?...oh ok...

6. Cha Cha Slide: This song is on its last leg, it may last one more year then it MUST be retired. Also why is it so LONG?!? Do we really need to walk it out for 20 minutes...sheesh!

7. Song for Mama: Men...I know you love your mom, but is this the ONLY song you can think of to dance with her? Sorry Boys II Men but i'm ready for this song to be deleted from all playlists

8. Happily Ever After: I actually really like this song...and so does every other African American couple getting married apparently...hence the problem

9. Celebration: Even though Kool & the Gang had hits, I still get the feeling of being in an old disco party which probably doesn't go with 90% of wedding themes.

10. We Are Family: If you need a song to get the two families to unite then you have bigger problems than bad music.

Music is really important at your wedding so make sure to hire a good DJ who has experience with weddings and not just special events. Its takes a talent to play music for different genres and get the right timing ques for the wedding reception program i.e. Entrance, First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, Cutting the Cake, Send-Off, etc. Tired of the same old played out Wedding Ceremony songs too?! Add to the list by leaving the title and singer in the comment section!

Ethiopian Couple Celebrate Their Wedding on a Helicopter

ethiopian helicopter_wedding

When I read about this Ethiopian couple celebrating their wedding on a helicopter I was certainly surprised! Its seldom when you hear about foreigners taking the risk to do something so bold and different with special events, but when they do, they sure know how to do it BIG!

I love when couples realize their wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and welcome the opportunity to share in the joyous occasion with friends and family! But there is something so romantic about taking a moment to sit back and take it all in with your partner and I cant see a more spontaneous and fun way than a private helicopter ride!

It definitely makes your special day a treasured memory by flying over some of the most romantic and beautiful areas Mother Nature ever created.

Kudos to this beautiful couple for taking a leap of faith and doing something different than the norm! I’m excited to assist my current and future wedding clients with all the details to create a fun and fabulous experience they will never forget!

Here are some local places to get married in the air: D.C. Helicopter Charters and New York Helicopter Charters 






Trending: Custom Cookies!

custom cookies

Move over gourmet cupcakes, custom cookies are the new hot desert item at events! While cakes are always a nice stable item, they are difficult to transfer and are sometimes messy. Cookies are perfect because they can be wrapped up and taken away as nice party favors.

Bakeries have taken this trend to the next level by making custom cookies available. If you can imagine the design, there is a company out there that can put it on a delicious sugar cookie. My personal favorites are company logo cookies which are great for branding, bridal cookies for showers and sport team logo cookies for viewing parties. Below are just a few companies in the greater Washington metro area that sell custom cookies:

  1. Kalorama Cookie Company
  2. The Cookie Cutter
  3. Cakes by Chris Furin
  4. Bundles of Cookies
  5. Rae Bakes

Favored by Yodit hasn’t worked with all of the companies, but I was VERY impressed with their photo galleries and decided to share. Have you worked with any of these companies or know of another custom cookie company in the area? Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

You're Invited: It's His Wedding Also...Catering to the Groom

catering to the groom

It's His Wedding Also...Catering to the Groom

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  • Do you incorporate activities on the wedding day for the Groom & Groomsmen?
  • Should your marketing material and website attract the interest of the Groom?
  • What is surprising about this new evolving market...The Groom?
  • What elements of the planning process are important to the Groom?

April 23, 2012

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8010 Towers Crescent Dr.Tysons Corner, Vienna, VA 22182


Find out these answers and much more are we explore this new target market...The Groom! Wedding Industry Expert...Celebrity Event Planner...and named by BizBash as on of the Top 35 Event Designers in North America, along with Colin Cowie and Preston Bailey, Mr. Andre Wells of Events by Andre Wells, will educate us about our new client market, The Groom.

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Wedding Wednesday: Proposals

ginny and matt

I love love love watching wedding proposal videos. Occasionally I will run across one that is too cute not to share and the one we feature today is no different.

The guy in this video went over and beyond to make the proposal to his girlfriend one that she will never forget. Making the Movies jealous is the title and he definitely accomplished that. Grab your box of tissues and watch the video below.

In case you were wondering if their wedding was just as cute...it was...*grabs a fresh box of tissues*.