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How long did you date before the question was popped?

S67_1178 Statistics show that the average couple will get married after about 2.5 years of dating. While that may be true, the good folks at Bride Box want to know why 2.5 years is the magic number for brides and grooms. We have a hunch that age and location do play a contributing factor to why couples get married around 2.5 years of dating, but we would like to do a little digging.

Bride Box is conducting this survey to answer the following questions:

1: How long does the average couple date before they get married?

2: Do couples in different geographical locations tend to date more or less than others?

3: At what age were they proposed to?

With this information, they will create a blog post and infograph to inform brides and grooms. For answering this survey, you will be the first to know the answers to the stated question.

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Wedding Inspiration: Go Dark During the Summer


Break tradition and pick dark colors for your summer wedding! Just because your wedding is set during the summer months doesn't mean you have to pick bold bright colors. Shock your guests and go for black, dark purples, and dark reds. See below for some inspiration.


Ethiopian Couple Celebrate Their Wedding on a Helicopter

ethiopian helicopter_wedding

When I read about this Ethiopian couple celebrating their wedding on a helicopter I was certainly surprised! Its seldom when you hear about foreigners taking the risk to do something so bold and different with special events, but when they do, they sure know how to do it BIG!

I love when couples realize their wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and welcome the opportunity to share in the joyous occasion with friends and family! But there is something so romantic about taking a moment to sit back and take it all in with your partner and I cant see a more spontaneous and fun way than a private helicopter ride!

It definitely makes your special day a treasured memory by flying over some of the most romantic and beautiful areas Mother Nature ever created.

Kudos to this beautiful couple for taking a leap of faith and doing something different than the norm! I’m excited to assist my current and future wedding clients with all the details to create a fun and fabulous experience they will never forget!

Here are some local places to get married in the air: D.C. Helicopter Charters and New York Helicopter Charters 






Surprise Wedding Performance

beyonce bridal video performance A new trend for brides is to do a mini performance at the wedding reception and I LOVE it! I never get tired of seeing videos of the bride and groom or bridal party putting on a mini concert for the guests.

In the video below, the bride surprised her man with a performance of Love on Top and other popular Beyonce songs. The Groom looked so proud! I can't wait to do this at my wedding lol.

Thank you so much Tynesha for sharing this video!

Did you do a performance at your wedding? Send us your video so we can share it!