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Vendor Spotlight: SpeechBooth™, the newest thing in Wedding-Tech

Speech Booth  

Now Everyone Can Leave a Speech!

Utilizing proprietary software on a provided iPad, SpeechBooth™ allows wedding guests to record personal messages in high-quality HD video. The unit is discrete, self-sufficient, can be shipped to any location, and does not require an attendant. All speeches are professionally edited and saved to an online user account for the couple to enjoy forever!

With its simple touchscreen design, SpeechBooth™ offers your guests the ability to record messages in high-quality HD video. You'll receive a professionally edited compilation video saved to a secure online user account. The personalized kit arrives pre-assembled, is self-sufficient, and easily blends into any wedding theme.


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The Whack Wedding!

The Whack Wedding

Weddings are all about creating new memories and I love when a bride and groom get fun and creative with thier guests!

This video is so cute and everyone looks like they had so much fun. Who says you need to break the bank to create a nice memorable wedding video? Check out how the Whacks celebrated thier big day at the link below.

Thanks Jamisha for sharing this cute video!