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Vendor Spotlight: SpeechBooth™, the newest thing in Wedding-Tech

Speech Booth  

Now Everyone Can Leave a Speech!

Utilizing proprietary software on a provided iPad, SpeechBooth™ allows wedding guests to record personal messages in high-quality HD video. The unit is discrete, self-sufficient, can be shipped to any location, and does not require an attendant. All speeches are professionally edited and saved to an online user account for the couple to enjoy forever!

With its simple touchscreen design, SpeechBooth™ offers your guests the ability to record messages in high-quality HD video. You'll receive a professionally edited compilation video saved to a secure online user account. The personalized kit arrives pre-assembled, is self-sufficient, and easily blends into any wedding theme.


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#TipTuesday: Surviving Wedding Season

Attending a wedding can get to be expensive. Here are some tips to make it through wedding season without going broke :

1. Start saving early. If you're close with a couple who gets engaged, begin putting cash away then.

2. Don't forget to budget for the extra events, such as wedding showers and bachelor or bachelorette parties.

3. Look beyond the hotel that has been selected for guests. Other hotels may be cheaper. Shop around.

4. For out of town weddings, ask the engaged couple if they know anyone with a spare bedroom who would be willing to host you.

5. Ask other guests if they would be willing to buy a group gift.

6. If you plan to attend more than one wedding, try wearing the same outfit more than once.

7. If shopping on a bridal registry, search for the item on another site. It may be less expensive.


Would You Post Your Wedding Online?

social-media-wedding A new survey shows that brides are thinking about setting social media rules at their weddings—something event planners may want to consider, as well. Mashable: "While celebrating a new marriage online can be fun, it can easily get out of hand. Fifty-six percent of newlywed brides feel that social media guidelines should be spelled out for the ceremony. For example, 52% of participants feel that the newlyweds should have first dibs on posting wedding pics on social media sites.

Source: BizBash

4 Ways To Get Ready For Wedding Season


Wedding Season is rapidly approaching and if you are like me, you have at least two weddings to get ready for. This time is obviously stressful for the bride, but it can be just as stressful for the serial wedding goers. I compiled a list that should help ease and anxiety that may be creeping up.

1. Plan ahead: As soon as you get a wedding invite, start to figure out your travel arrangements. If the wedding is out of town and you have to fly, set an alert on your favorite travel sites. The more time you give yourself, the more opportunities you will have to purchase a reasonable plane ticket. Also check prices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, plane tickets tend to go down on those days.

2. Sales aren’t just for shoes and clothes: Department Stores always have sales on holidays and typically household items are included. Before you hit the shoe department for a little retail therapy, print out the couple’s registry and head to the home goods section. That waffle maker or pot and pan set the bride has to have may be on sale and you can get their perfect gift at a discount.

3. It takes more than a week to lose weight: Everyone wants to look great at a wedding. You know the groom has an attractive single groomsman that you are hoping to get paired up with down the soul train line lol. Ladies, unfortunately cutting out the cookies, and going hard in the gym a week before the wedding isn’t going to cut it. Hit the gym NOW! It is the perfect time to start a new healthy lifestyle so you can look super sexy in your summer time attire.

4. Relax: This wedding experience will only happen once…ENJOY IT! Take a lot of pictures, dance until your feet hurt, and bask in the ambiance of love. The bride and groom invited you because they value your relationship with them. Their wedding day will be a day that they will never forget, so don’t stress have fun with them!