The Digital Bride


Thanks to the internet and social media, wedding planning has changed drastically over the years. Instead of depending on friends and family to help plan every aspect of the wedding, brides are looking to Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter for help. Brides are hiring wedding planners for more Day of Coordination instead of Full Planning. Recently David’s Bridal conducted a study with 500 woman who were “either engaged to be married or were married within the last two months.” Below are some of the results from the study.

The online bride: 59% of brides say online resources like Pinterest, Facebook and blogs are the best places to find wedding inspiration.

Pinterest dibs: With Pinterest celebrating its third anniversary this month, it has quickly become the ultimate tool for brides-to-be. Nearly half of brides (46%) wouldn't use an idea they found on a friend's Pinterest board!

Fittings on your phone: Dress shopping isn't confined to the fitting room anymore! In fact, 68% of brides use technology during their fittings, from texting pictures to family to posting videos on a social media site.

Virtual wedding guests: Now trending, nearly half (49%) of all respondents say they would consider "skype-ing" their wedding.

Digital rule of thumb: 56% of newlywed women think it's important to have social media rules at the wedding.

The dress is off limits: 61% forbid their bridesmaids from uploading pics of the bride donning her dress before the ceremony

My wedding, me first: 52% say the bride and groom must be the first to post a picture of their wedding to a social media site.

Facebook official: Up 11% from 2011, 59% of brides will update their Facebook status to "married" or update their new name within a day of walking down the aisle.

How do you feel about the modern bride and the involvement of social media? Do you think a more traditional approach to the big day is the way to go?