Valentine's Day Party Inspiration

vday2 Valentine's Day is only two weeks away and its time to start thinking of cute decor ideas and inexpensive gifts to give to lovers, friends, kids and coworkers. If you are stuck and don't want to raid your local store for unoriginal packaged candy, check out some cute ideas from The TomKat Studio.

Valentines Day

Fondant Glitter Hearts for Valentine's Day

Tools and Materials:

For this sweet design, you will need cupcakes, tub of red fondant, mini heart cutter, edible glitter, paint brush, rolling pin, printable heart tag template, small tag paper punch, cupcake boxes and ribbon (optional)


1. Take a small portion of fondant from the tub and roll into a small ball.

2. Use rolling pin to flatten fondant.

3. Use mini heart cutter to cut shape from rolled fondant.

4. Dip paintbrush in water and paint onto heart.

5. Sprinkle edible glitter onto heart and shake off excess. Repeat if necessary.

6. Place your glittered fondant heart on top of your cupcake, and enjoy!


Heart Balloon With Tissue Fringe Tassels

Tools and Materials:

For this sweet decoration, you will need a 36" heart balloon, tissue paper (or precut tissue tassels), Valentine's Day balloon tags, twine, satin ribbon, hot glue gun and scissors.


1. Start by cutting tissue paper to 10" x 28". Fold in half. Cut strips about 1/2" wide on both ends, as shown in photo.

2. Unfold and tightly roll the tissue paper.

3. Take the rolled tissue paper and fold in half.

4. Twist the end of the folded tissue to create the tassel, keeping a small loop at the end for stringing.

5. Continue making tassels until desired number is achieved. String and secure the tassels to twine using a hot glue gun. Tie tassel filled twine to the end of the balloon.

6. Add a satin ribbon bow, if desired. Download and print our Valentine's Day balloon tags to attach at balloon knot


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