10 Played Out Wedding Songs!


There are a few songs that are played at weddings that if they never play them again it would be too soon! If you are like me, when you go to a wedding and certain songs are played you just hang your head and hope that the DJ's computer suddenly shuts off. Below are 10 of the most played out wedding songs.

1. My Girl: Don't get me wrong, My Girl is a very nice song and it's cute for the father daughter dance...or at least it was -____- now I fight sleep every single time I hear it.

2. All My Life: This song was cute when it first came out, but a million plays later and I want this song to die...much like K-CI and JoJo's career...opps did I say that...

3. Here Comes the Bride: Can we get a little more creative? I know this song is a stable wedding march, but would it be wrong to choose somthing that isn't so generic?

4. Macarena: Not sure if anyone is still playing this song but if you are, come with us into 2013 my love! Lets upgrade to the wobble or something.

5. Shout: Must I justify this?...oh ok...

6. Cha Cha Slide: This song is on its last leg, it may last one more year then it MUST be retired. Also why is it so LONG?!? Do we really need to walk it out for 20 minutes...sheesh!

7. Song for Mama: Men...I know you love your mom, but is this the ONLY song you can think of to dance with her? Sorry Boys II Men but i'm ready for this song to be deleted from all playlists

8. Happily Ever After: I actually really like this song...and so does every other African American couple getting married apparently...hence the problem

9. Celebration: Even though Kool & the Gang had hits, I still get the feeling of being in an old disco party which probably doesn't go with 90% of wedding themes.

10. We Are Family: If you need a song to get the two families to unite then you have bigger problems than bad music.

Music is really important at your wedding so make sure to hire a good DJ who has experience with weddings and not just special events. Its takes a talent to play music for different genres and get the right timing ques for the wedding reception program i.e. Entrance, First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, Cutting the Cake, Send-Off, etc. Tired of the same old played out Wedding Ceremony songs too?! Add to the list by leaving the title and singer in the comment section!