10 Tips When Picking-up a Woman

date Happy Valentine’s Day!! Today is a wonderful opportunity to shower the ones you love with sweet treats and nice goodies. However, if you don’t have someone special to spend the day with, today is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your skills to pick up the opposite sex. To me pickup lines are very hard to properly execute. 9 times out of 10, they are going to come off as very corny and will just get you laughed at and embarrassed. For example, saying “Is that a mirror in your pocket, because I can see myself in your pants” is NOT going to end with you getting my number, getting in my pants, and probably not even my real name. So fellas to help you out, I ran across a great article on askmen.com that will help you get your foot in the door. For 10 tips that actually work along with my personal commentary, see below.

10. Introduce Yourself: As simple as this sounds, it actually works. A simple introduction with your name sounds authentic, like you are just wanting to have a casual conversation without any gimmicks. She will be impressed that you didn’t try and run some line on her that she 1) has heard a million times before, or 2) that you have probably used on a bunch of other women.

9. Stare Straight at Her: It lets her know that you are confident, and it gives you a chance to gauge her interest. If she stares back as you approach her with a smile that is an invitation that she is open to a conversation with you. Also I should clarify to stare at her FACE lol, staring at any other part of her body is going to make you look like a creep *side eye*.

8. Call Her Sexy: Now this one I disagree with slightly. I think being called sexy by a stranger is a bit uncomfortable; telling a woman she is beautiful is the better route to go in my opinion. The word sexy comes with a sexual connotation, beautiful makes her feel classy and she will be more receptive to whatever you say next.

7. Make Her Laugh: This one is perfect, but it is a bit tricky. Every woman wants a man that can put a smile on her face and make her laugh. It automatically drops any defenses she has up, but it can go south quick if your funny comes off as lame. Fellas you are walking a fine line with this one, but if you can pull it off go for it.

6. Make Eye Contact: This is very similar to tip 9. Eye contact lets her know that you are interested, and will also let you know if she is interested as well. If she makes eye contact and they quickly stops looking or avoids your eyes for the rest of the night, she doesn’t want you boo. Keep gazing off into the crowd until you find the girl that meets your eyes and gives you the flirty smile back.

5. Be Sarcastic: Again, this particular tip can be a hit or miss depending on your execution, but can be a winner if you can pull it off. However, don’t confuse being sarcastic with being rude. The plan here is to come off like you aren’t trying too hard, without looking like a jerk. Tread lightly.

4. Show off: This particular tip is situational and not my favorite on the list from askmen.com. If you are on the basketball court and you are showing off your skills, or on the beach and showing off that body you have been working all winter to perfect then I am GAME. Show off ALLLLLL of THAT! Lol However, if you are in the club and want to show off by making in rain, not so impressive lol. Also, not so impressive ladies…being that girl on her hands and knees trying to pick up all the ones….just leave them there girl lol.

3. Find Something You Have in Common: This of course may have to happen after a few minutes of conversation, but if you can pinpoint something she has on or is carrying right away this is a great way in. For example, if you notice she is carrying a UMD key chain, or is reading a book by your favorite author use that to your advantage. It shows that you not only pay attention to details, but also that you share a common interest.

2. Be a Gentleman: Yes, yes, YES. You have no idea how far being courteous, cool, calm and collected will take you in a woman’s eyes. It’s the simple things that we remember and that will separate you from all of the other men. A smile, handshake, simple compliment, and an introduction is more impressive than you think.

AND the #1 Tip is my own…

1. Be Yourself: There is no bigger turnoff than a man that doesn’t know how to be true to himself and is trying to overcompensate while he is with his boys. A woman can tell when you aren’t being real with her and are trying too hard. Be the best version on yourself and show that side, whether you a comedian or the shy gentleman, be THAT guy and the right woman will reciprocate.


Are there any tips that I missed or that you don’t agree with? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Dating!!


Source: Askmen.com