Haunted Attactions: DIY Halloween Decor

diy-chic-pumpkin-candle-holders-3 Are you having a Halloween party but don't want to decorate with the typical orange and black scary decor? Class up the party with white and black decor or glitter pumpkins! They are really easy to do yourself and will still make your place look festive even after all of the fun is over. Check out some inspiration below and instructions to make your DIY glitter pumpkins.

glitter blast halloween craft


How to Make A Glitter Pumpkin


•A pumpkin (any size)


•Glue (Elmer's works fine)


•Cup of Water


1. Mix the glue with a little bit of water in a cup so that it will be easier to paint on your pumpkin.

2. Paint your pumpkin with glue

3. Gently and carefully cover your pumpkin with glitter. You'll have to turn it a few times to get all the spots. If you need to, add a little more glue to any spots where the glitter doesn't take the first time.

4. Shake the pumpkin to remove any extra glitter.

5. Leave your pumpkin to dry, and enjoy!

Source: http://randomhandprints.blogspot.com/2012/10/31-days-of-halloween-day-14-how-to-make.html