Stay Cool with these Summer Wedding Tips!


Summer is the busiest time of the year for weddings because of the beautiful weather. However, with the beautiful weather comes blazing hot temperatures. If you don't want to compromise on the season here are a few helpful tips to keep your guests cool.

It's all in the timing:

If you wish to hold your wedding in a hot summer month like July, we usually advise a later ceremony. The sun will be at its hottest in the early afternoon, so the ideal time to hold your ceremony would be around 5pm, so that your celebration can continue in cooler temperatures.

Think shady:

If you are having an outdoor ceremony in the summer, try to choose an area that will be in the shade at the time of the ceremony, or as an alternative you can consider to cover the ceremony area with large white umbrellas to protect the guests from the hot sun (especially if the ceremony takes place around lunchtime or early afternoon).


Arrange for your guests to be greeted with a drink before the ceremony begins (especially if it is outdoors) so they can immediately enjoy a cool drink as they wait for the bride to arrive.

Make a splash:

If possible, avoid a city celebration and hold your wedding in a venue near a lake or on the coast. Being near the water is an easy way to give your guests relief from the heat.

Play it cool:

On a hot day, the groom should wait until the last minute before the ceremony to put on his jacket. Often in Italy, the groom brings an extra shirt so that if needed he can change into a fresh shirt for the rest of the wedding. The bride should ask for advice from the dress designer and if it is a summer wedding ideally she should choose a dress that leaves the arms bare; we also advise to pick a light fabric for the dress so that if it is warm on the day, she can still have a great time while looking fresh and put together.

Less is more:

Fact: heat and humidity don’t go well with make-up. During your bridal make-up trial run, ask your make-up artist to give you some tips on how to make sure your make-up lasts all day. Your make-up bag must-haves will be a strong primer and a waterproof mascara; try to wear the minimum amount of make-up to let you skin breathe - and if you have a bit of a tan you won’t need much anyway!

Ditch the heels:

Why not plan ahead and have flip-flops ready for your reception? We have done this in the past and we can tell you that both female and male guests couldn’t wait to get rid of their shoes and socks and relax in flip-flops - and it will make dancing that little bit easier, too!

Source: Weddingmagazine!