Wedding Day Emergencies and How To Deal!

Emergency Survival Kit We’ve all heard those wedding horror stories – wardrobe malfunctions, falls, even the odd runaway groom. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but wedding day emergencies do happen! Here’s a list of tips to help save the day in the event of a wedding emergency.

Wedding Day Emergency #1 – The Wardrobe

Day by day, wardrobe malfunctions happen. Usually they’re just a small tear, here or there, maybe your stockings have laddered, shirt’s torn – the usual daily occurrence. It’s not often that you’ll hear of entire dresses tearing away, leaving you exposed in front of friends and family – but it’s best to be prepared. Before the wedding – decide on what you’d like to wear, get it fitted out and have it ready at least 2 weeks before the wedding. This will usually give enough time to sort out any issues before the day comes around. On the day – carry an extra pair of pantyhose, if your current pair ladder, just quickly change into the new set. A needle and thread, as well as safety pins, are life savers for tears and other quick modifications that need doing. Keep a few handy.

Wedding Day Emergency #2 – Body Issues

Falls happen, and you’ll cut yourself at the most inconvenient times. Keep a few band-aids on hand, as well as a box of tissues (these will also come in handy if you start to tear up). Keep a box of aspirins for those unexpected headaches for you and your bridesmaids. A bottle of hairspray or gel will save your bad hair day, and consider keeping a box of crackers in a small bag – you may have little time to eat on the day of the wedding! On that note, keep some breath mints or a travel toothbrush handy in case you get carried away with those chive and onion crackers. In short, a wedding day emergency kit will help mitigate any unforeseen circumstances!

Wedding Day Emergency #3 – The Venue

Make sure to inspect your wedding reception venue before the day of the wedding, and on the big day in order to avoid potential wedding day emergencies. Look for a function venue that has the space and services you need – a large dance floor, PA system, ample parking etc. Look for testimonials and other reviews, to make sure you’re looking at a quality and reliable function venue.

With a little preparation and planning, those unforseen wedding emergencies will seem like a feather in the wind, brushing straight past with no problem at all.

Source: Wedding Republic