Our October #FavoredBrides #DIY Bridal Shower


Recently, our October Bride Clarissa had her bridal shower. Her bridesmaids hosted a beautiful DIY tea party and got most of the ideas from Pinterest! If you have been living under a rock and don't know what Pinterest is (lol), it is a social media space where you can share everything from DIY decor ideas, receipes, quotes, fashion, and event inspiration. It is a great medium for ideas if you want your event to stand out but just need a little help. Check out how Clarissa's bridesmaids used Pinterest to make her bridal shower a day she will never forget.


Nothing says vintage like mason jars. The favors were mason jars filled with cookie ingredients and placed on an old wooden ladder and crate that guests could take as they left.


Some ribbon, dollies, and colorful straws can dress up any drinking station. Very cost effective and easy to do.


Staying with the Vintage theme, the hosts used an old briefcase and lace to gather the gifts and cards.


How cute is this welcome sign? All of these unique pieces add such a nice touch, and can be found anywhere. Start with a Parent's house!


Instead of using a folding table for the desserts, substitute it for an dresser! Mismatched platters and lace runners add a nice subtle touch.

Would You Post Your Wedding Online?

social-media-wedding A new survey shows that brides are thinking about setting social media rules at their weddings—something event planners may want to consider, as well. Mashable: "While celebrating a new marriage online can be fun, it can easily get out of hand. Fifty-six percent of newlywed brides feel that social media guidelines should be spelled out for the ceremony. For example, 52% of participants feel that the newlyweds should have first dibs on posting wedding pics on social media sites.

Source: BizBash

Life as a Bridesmaid: Bridal Shower Addition

  iDO and tiffany boxes

When I was a little girl planning my dream wedding and helping my friends plan theirs. Making sure everything was perfect and that all we needed to do was to *insert groom here*, I had no idea I would be doing arts and crafts lol. However, here I am painting boxes for my sister’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired Bridal Shower.

I found the idea for some really cute centerpieces on Pinterest aka God’s gift to planners and thought this would be so easy to do myself! Of course when I say myself I mean me and my artsy friends. So I rounded up the troops and we went to work! The plan was to make Tiffany’s boxes to place on the dessert table and to collect the bride’s gift cards. We purchased everything from Michael’s and it took us about five hours to finish. Below you will find a list of everything we purchased as well as a few pictures. After the shower I will be sure to post follow up pictures so you can see how the décor turned out.

We at Favored love DIY projects. What did you make for a bridal shower? What was the theme or inspiration? Send us your pictures we would love to see them!


  • Paper Mache Boxes set of 5
  • Celebrate it Ribbon 2 ½ in X 10 yards
  • Celebrate ir Ribbon 1 ½ in X 4 yards
  • Americana Acrylic Paint: Bahama Blue
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Brushes
  • Plastic or Trash Bags
  • Paper plates (to put the paint on)