Trending: Custom Cookies!

custom cookies

Move over gourmet cupcakes, custom cookies are the new hot desert item at events! While cakes are always a nice stable item, they are difficult to transfer and are sometimes messy. Cookies are perfect because they can be wrapped up and taken away as nice party favors.

Bakeries have taken this trend to the next level by making custom cookies available. If you can imagine the design, there is a company out there that can put it on a delicious sugar cookie. My personal favorites are company logo cookies which are great for branding, bridal cookies for showers and sport team logo cookies for viewing parties. Below are just a few companies in the greater Washington metro area that sell custom cookies:

  1. Kalorama Cookie Company
  2. The Cookie Cutter
  3. Cakes by Chris Furin
  4. Bundles of Cookies
  5. Rae Bakes

Favored by Yodit hasn’t worked with all of the companies, but I was VERY impressed with their photo galleries and decided to share. Have you worked with any of these companies or know of another custom cookie company in the area? Share with us, we would love to hear from you!